• Capture HTML title

    Read title tag from HTML source

  • Capture all meta tags

    Read all meta tags from HTML page

  • Match IP address

    Low tech match for IP addresses in a string

  • Replace tabs and new lines

    Specifically replace tabs, carriage returns and newlines from string

  • Replace all whitespace

    Find and replace whitespace, like duplicate spaces, newlines and tabs by a single space

  • Capture q= keyword from URL

    Capture the q= keyword from the CGI http_referer variable

  • Read charset value

    Read charset value from meta tag

    /charset=([^\"; ]+)/
  • Table capture td cells

    Capture the td cell values into an array

  • Get ID for Google Analytics

    Read the Web Property ID (UA-XXXXX-YY) from your Google Analytics tag

    /_gaq.push\(\['_setAccount', '(.*)'\]\);/

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